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RoLa Education offers a comprehensive array of exam preparation and essay assistance services to high school students. Whether a student is preparing for the PSAT, or in the process of writing his/her personal statement to apply to college, our experienced consultants can help any student find his/her own path to success.





One-to-One Test Preparation Programs

PSAT/NMSQT Preparation - 16.5 hours

As the offical exam through which students can qualify as National Merit Scholars, it is important that students prepare thoroughly before taking the PSAT/NMSQT. Rola Scholars offers a 16.5-hour 1-to-1 comprehensive preparation course for this exam.

SAT Preparation - 19.5 hours
The SAT is the most widely accepted college entrance examination in the United States. In this course, the SAT experts at RoLa Scholars will work with students for 19.5 hours to ensure they are sufficiently prepared to face this important exam.

Ultimate Test Prep - 31.5 hours

Aiming to take two or more types of exams? With the Ultimate Test Prep plan, RoLa Scholars' test experts will work together with students to create a customized exam preparation plan for two or more exams.

 SAT Subject Test Preparation (formerly SAT II) -

6 hours per exam

SAT Subject Tests are excellent ways for students to showcase their expertise of one or several subjects on their college application. Get extra practice working with a RoLa Scholars testing specialist to prepare for any Subject Test you plan to take.

College Application Essay Assistance -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Essays are a vital part of the college application process—they provide students an opportunity to speak directly to admissions officers. RoLa Scholars' college admissions experts extend assistance to students in making their essays a standout part of their college applications.


Extra Sessions -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

RoLa Scholars also offers additional test prep sessions customized for students preparing for an exam or test not included in the above categories.

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