• Students must complete payment through PayPal prior to the first class (unless other payment option is discussed and agreed upon with the assistant director or director).

  • Coupons and deals are valid for one time use and only apply to new students.

  • If a student decides to withdraw from a class, refunds will only be given up to 24 hours before the start date.  Due to our small class sizes, a waiting list may exist, so this policy aims to reduce last-minute changes which impact other students' ability to register.

  • Classes are subject to availability and demand. RoLa Languages reserves the right to cancel classes 24 hours in advance.  Classes must have a three-person minimum to be confirmed. In the event of a class cancellation on our part, RoLa will offer affected students either a refund or credit towards other RoLa classes/programs.

  • In order to reduce paper waste and promote green practices, we provide materials in PDF format and encourage students to bring laptops and tablets to class to refer to the text.  Students are responsible for printing their books if they wish to do so.

  • Students who do not feel comfortable in a class should immediately speak with Assistant Director Erica Adelson. 

  • Students are asked to notify teachers and Erica, if they are unable to attend class.

  • Students should be aware that RoLa has a no-makeup policy. This means that if a student misses a class, they will not be able to make it up and will not receive a refund for classes missed without prior arrangement. Students will continue to receive homework from their teacher, however.

  • If students do not receive homework from their teachers within 2 days of having class, they should notify Erica immediately.