• Students must complete payment through PayPal prior to the first session. Students may choose to purchase additional blocks of hours after the first set finishes.

  • If a student decides to withdraw from the Skype program, refunds will only be given up to 24 hours before the start date.

  • Students who do not feel comfortable with their teacher should immediately speak with Assistant Director, Erica Adelson. 

  • Classes must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance of the desired time. Due to time and staffing constraints, scheduling is subject to teacher availability; we may not have a teacher available at the desired day and time.

  • Students are asked to notify teachers and Erica, at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to attend class.  If notice of a cancellation is given within 24 hours of the class' start time, the lesson will be forfeited.

  • Students who do not show up for a scheduled class will forfeit that class. The student will receive homework for that class session and the class count will continue as normal.

  • Students who do not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, and have not previously informed their teacher, will be presumed no-shows and forfeit the class. 

  • Classes will not continue past their scheduled time if the student is late. 

  • If students do not receive homework from their teachers within 2 days of having class, they should notify Erica immediately.