How To Improve Your English Listening Skills

There is no better way to improve your English listening skills than by watching TV series. So... Yes! We are going to give you a justification to pass from “I’m going to waste my time!” to “I’m going to practice my English!”.

Besides improving your listening, watching TV series has different advantages such as bettering your English speaking and pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary (keep a notebook for any new expressions you hear). If you don’t have a high English level, at the beginning you can watch them with the subtitles in English (not in your own language!).

Below is a list of some TV series that we can recommend to you:

1. How I Met Your Mother (Intermediate Level)

If you want to learn everyday English and know many modern American expressions, HIMYM is the right TV series for you! It is one of the most successful and hilarious sitcoms all around the world. It is set in New York and is about the life of five friends and their adventures in love, work and friendship.

2. The Big Bang Theory (Intermediate Level)

It is an American TV series, set in California, that will always make you laugh. It tells about a group of geeks who encounter difficulties interacting with the outside world, especially with girls, and have an obsession with comic books. The Big Bang Theory is highly recommended for English learners because there are many different American accents to hear.

3. Friends (Intermediate Level)

If your English level is Intermediate, you can watch one of the most famous classical TV series: Friends! It's one of the funniest series in the entertainment world, so besides improving your listening, you can also have a lot of fun! You will love it because of its comedy and relatively simple dialogues, which will immerse you in daily English use and American culture.

4. Arrow (Low Intermediate Level)

If you like superheroes and your English level is not high, “Arrow” is definitely for you! This series tells about the deeds of Oliver Queen and his company and it gives you the opportunity to listen to clear American English without fast dialogues.

5. Desperate Housewives (Upper Intermediate)

Desperate Housewives involves four American women who live in a luxurious suburb and deal with everyday problems and unsolved mysteries. The series is characterized by a clear and colloquial language, so it is appropriate for your first approach to English!

6. The Simpsons (Advanced Level)

You might have already seen “The Simpsons” in your own language, but nothing is better than watching the most famous crazy American family’s shenanigans in English!

7. House of Cards (Advanced Level)

House of Cards tells the story of Francis Underwood, a former Member of the White House, his wife Claire and their attempts to gain power. It is suitable for anyone with an Advanced level in English. You might need the subtitles because it uses a wide technical business and political vocabulary.

8. Game Of Thrones (Advanced Level)

Useless to tell the plot of Game Of Thrones: everyone knows that! If you want to learn British English, GOT is the most perfect TV series from a linguistic point of view. The language is beautiful (you can get to know different accents such as Welsh or Northern English) and easy to understand.

9. Sherlock (Upper Intermediate Level)

Who can teach you English better than the most famous investigator in history? This TV series is an adaptation of Conan Doyle's books, so you can enjoy Sherlock Holmes’ and Dr. Watson’s adventures. Obviously, the first sentence you will learn is "Elementary, my dear Watson!".

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