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RoLa Education offers individualized college consulting services. Our consultants meet one-on-one with students, and help them design a winning game plan for college admission. Students are ensured the help they need to stand out from the crowd.





Our college consultants can assist your child with:

Strategizing standardized tests​

Planning high school academics and international transcript evaluations

Evaluating and strategizing extracurricular activities, leadership involvement & summer programs

Developing and finalizing a college list​

Completing college applications, including personal statements, essays & letters of recommendations

Applying for financial aid resources and scholarships

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College Consultant,

Edward Rocha

Edward is the founder and director of RoLa Languages. He received his Bachelor's from Harvard University and Master's in Management from Boston University. As a consultant, he has helped students improve their TOEFL scores from 5 to 25 points. His experience has shown that great progress is achieved by successfully identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses and he believes that the most powerful essays are based on students’ own unique stories. It is these adept communication skills that transformed him into a good coach who can help students explore themselves.

Not only does Edward possess expertise in communications, he is also an expert of language and culture. With over 13 years of educational experience, he speaks more than four languages. The experience of living in Argentina, Spain and China has made him sensitive to language and cultural issues, and in turn, makes him better understand students’ needs and provide insightful suggestions in applying to American universities.

Edward lives in Boston, a city that is home to almost 30 of the best universities in America. With a strong network of local people in higher education at these universities supplementing his international links, Edward gains a unique perspective from admission officers’ viewpoints as well. Furthermore, his time hosting many international students at his home over the years has allowed him access to the personal experiences of students and better understand their perspectives and goals.

As a member of NAFSA, an American international education association, Edward has met with admission officers and test prep organizations throughout the association. These connections enable him to provide consulting advice based on real cases and criteria and the workshops and training he receives at NAFSA gives him an in-depth view into international education in real time.


He has been doing college consulting for a years and limits the number of students he coaches to guarantee quality. With no more than 10 students under his wing in a year, he works alongside each student with great care and patience. As a result, many students have been accepted to great universities, including the Ivy League.


To summarize, Edward is an expert in language, culture, and communications, and with an advantage in association and location, he provides a holistic perspective on college admission.